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Goodbye 2017

2017 has been quite a year. We started it as a newly engaged couple looking forward to a wedding in the autumn, and with me having been working a mere 3 months as French speech therapist in independent practice. I’ve already talked about the work milestones that have been and gone over the year, but most of it was taken over by one thing: wedmin!  Continue reading

New in town

 20150906_235031Yesterday I went to the ‘Forum des Associations’ for the town of Saint Cloud. It took place in the Hippodrome de Saint Cloud, which was also an excuse to take photos from an otherwise inaccessible viewpoint. The morning was cloudy, but just as I was walking over the sun made a brief and very convenient appearance. (You can see one of the photos I took on the new background.)

The Forum des Associations is held by lots of French towns at the rentrée, the start of the school year. Continue reading

What’s in a name?

Saint Cloud in 1860When I started researching the logistics of moving to France a few months ago, I naturally found myself browsing the Parisian blogosphere. Or more specifically, anglophone blogs about life in Paris. There are an astonishing number of these (a non-exhaustive list can be found here), some of which are very funny, interesting, racy, or all three…

After reading so many variations on a theme, and remembering how much I enjoyed sending round robins from South America ten years ago, I thought the time had come for my own blog. But what to call it? I was dismayed to discover that the most obvious titles had already been used: there was petite anglaiseChez Loulou France (written by a lady called Jennifer) and even Lou in Paris!

I decided I needed to change tack entirely. I thought about my location and my address; my door number happens to coincide with the year of my blog. And so Cloud Fifteen was born. I hope you like it!

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