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2 years

I woke up today and realised I’ve been living in France for two years. A lot has happened in that time: I’ve taught English to young and old (well… 6 years up to about 40), translated the French Highway code into English, attended an interview at Le Cordon Bleu, worked as a report writer for a market research company, become an ‘orthophoniste’ and practised here for 10 months…. and got engaged! Continue reading

The 3 Kings’ Galette

We’ve reached the end of January and finally seen the back of the Galette des Rois. This more or less passed me by last year, but the start of 2017 has been a veritable frangipane feast. I have sampled not one but four versions of the traditional dessert in honor of the Epiphany, a sort of tart made from flaky pastry and filled with almond paste. Continue reading

La Rentrée

The end of August is here, which means that la rentrée is imminent. This term, which literally means ‘the return’, is mainly used to refer to the start of the school or academic year, and features heavily on TV ads from at least mid-August.  But la rentrée isn’t just about school; sa number of people take a whole month’s holiday off in August, so it can also mean going back to work after the long break. Continue reading

English sticks

And so my piece of investigative journalism into the French medical system continues with two visits to the généraliste and one to the pharmacy to stock up on supplies.  This was how the week went: Continue reading

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