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L’île de Porquerolles

I’m writing this in the TGV from Marseille to Paris, travelling at a mind-boggling 300km/hr. Someone on the train has just managed to hijack the loudspeaker system and inform passengers that ‘due to a problem with the air conditioning, the buffet bar will be free of charge for the next half an hour’. Continue reading

Vital Card

One of my six month objectives was getting my Carte Vitale, which finally arrived this week, 8 months after becoming eligible as an autoentrepreneur. I was amused that after weeks of chasing and a letter in March informing me that ‘les délais peuvent être longs’, when I did receive the form requesting a photo, I had a total of 14 DAYS to respond, or risk forfeiting the card altogether!!

carte_vitale_cnmssAt any rate, what I least expected was needing to make use of it quite so soon… Continue reading

Thoughts on February

Well, here we are, almost in March, but with an extra day for posting in February, so I thought I’d better make the most of it. Only just back from a trip over the channel to celebrate a friend’s 40th, here are some thoughts on what’s happened to make this month fly by:


Continue reading

6 months


Well, I’ve now been here half a year, so it seems appropriate to take a moment to look back at all that’s happened over the last six months: Continue reading

Bonnes fêtes!

After a long hiatus, you’ve guessed one of my New Year’s Resolutions: more frequent blog posts! As we are about to leave for a slap-up Reveillon du Nouvel An meal at D’s parents, a quick message to say Continue reading

Jour J

I haven’t been very good at  writing recently, mostly because the Tuesday before last was D-day: the Flatmate’s final exit, heralding the end of squatting in the living room and a room of my own at last. Continue reading

Permit A38

I was wondering how long it would be before my first encounter with French bureaucracy, immortalised in Asterix for its ability to send people mad. Having lived in Germany for 9 months some time ago, I thought it shouldn’t pose too many problems. At that time, when attempting to sign up, register, or do anything official, I breezily presented my A4 wallet containing every piece of documentation I possessed, enabling me to rise above the petty frustrations of the uninitiated.  Continue reading

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