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6 months


Well, I’ve now been here half a year, so it seems appropriate to take a moment to look back at all that’s happened over the last six months:


Achievements so far

Registering as an auto-entrepreneur (and getting letters addressed to ‘le Chef de l’Entreprise’)

Opening two bank accounts (a joint one and then my own individual one)

Getting a Navigo pass (the Parisian Oyster card)

Submitting my dossier requesting recognition of my speech therapy qualification to the French authorities

Editing an English book on the French Highway Code

Giving private lessons to 4 private pupils

Finding two more jobs on LinkedIn (business English teaching and report writing for a market research company)

Getting a CDD (temporary contract) to teach English at an école d’ingénieurs next semester – enabling me to sign up with a mutuelle for top-up health insurance

Attending a demonstration class at Le Cordon Bleu

Joining an orchestra, learning orchestral vocab and performing in my first concert

Going skiing for the first time!

Attending my first meeting as an ‘orthophoniste’ about a potential speech therapy job


Goals for the next six months

Completing the required stages or placements to get my speech therapy certificate to practise

Getting my Carte Vitale (enabling me to access healthcare) and registering with a GP

Getting a carte bleue (credit card)

Getting rid of surplus furniture so I can have a fully functioning office and unpack my book boxes

Finding a choir/chamber group

Invite people to stay!


Well, it’s been a busy few months and that looks set to continue! Hope you have had a good January and are looking forward to February as we edge closer to spring…20150401_00043120151107_16242320151008_19292820150119_16281820151024_170259


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  1. Two pretty good lists!

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