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Month: September 2015


MeetupOn Sunday afternoon I went to my first ever Meetup.  Not long ago I didn’t know what Meetups were, although I had seen them from time to time in D’s calendar. In Paris there are around 800 Meetup groups covering pretty much every possible topic (I imagine London must be the same, though I was never aware of it!) Continue reading

Permit A38

I was wondering how long it would be before my first encounter with French bureaucracy, immortalised in Asterix for its ability to send people mad. Having lived in Germany for 9 months some time ago, I thought it shouldn’t pose too many problems. At that time, when attempting to sign up, register, or do anything official, I breezily presented my A4 wallet containing every piece of documentation I possessed, enabling me to rise above the petty frustrations of the uninitiated.  Continue reading



I’m aware I haven’t exactly been keeping up the momentum on my new blog. However, there has been a little hiatus in getting to know my new surroundings as we returned to England for a few days for a wedding. London did its best to prevent me regretting my departure by producing buckets of rain and very autumnal temperatures. After a walk from Temple up to Holborn we both had wet feet and the moisture had leaked into D’s rucksack.   Continue reading

New in town

 20150906_235031Yesterday I went to the ‘Forum des Associations’ for the town of Saint Cloud. It took place in the Hippodrome de Saint Cloud, which was also an excuse to take photos from an otherwise inaccessible viewpoint. The morning was cloudy, but just as I was walking over the sun made a brief and very convenient appearance. (You can see one of the photos I took on the new background.)

The Forum des Associations is held by lots of French towns at the rentrée, the start of the school year. Continue reading

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