Hello and welcome to my blog!

Born and bred in the London surburbia, I made the jump to real city living in 2007 by moving to  Trinity Church Square in SE1 (aka a piece of Bloomsbury transposed to sarf London). Two years later I migrated to the less historically significant, but significantly less rodent-friendly, Empire Square.  I adapted to living on my own, crossing Tower Bridge to go to Waitrose, and watched the Shard take shape on my way to work.

All that changed in 2012, when in the midst of Olympic fever I went to Chamonix to do the Tour du Mont Blanc with Trekking Mont Blanc. Or rather, my sister decided we should do it and chose a French tour company who offered mule-assisted baggage transport. I liked the mule idea, whilst thinking that a French company offered less potential for making useful hiking acquaintances… suffice to say, at the end of the tour a long distance Paris-London relationship began, and 3 years of monthly Eurostar journeys ensued.

This summer, a decade after losing out to London for the 2012 games, Paris won the toss-up for us. We packed all my stuff into a van and headed for the Eurotunnel (narrowly avoiding getting caught out by Operation Stack). So that is how I come to find myself here in Saint-Cloud, with a view of the Hippodrome out the window, and if I walk up the hill, an aerial view of Paris.