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What’s in a name?

Saint Cloud in 1860When I started researching the logistics of moving to France a few months ago, I naturally found myself browsing the Parisian blogosphere. Or more specifically, anglophone blogs about life in Paris. There are an astonishing number of these (a non-exhaustive list can be found here), some of which are very funny, interesting, racy, or all three…

After reading so many variations on a theme, and remembering how much I enjoyed sending round robins from South America ten years ago, I thought the time had come for my own blog. But what to call it? I was dismayed to discover that the most obvious titles had already been used: there was petite anglaiseChez Loulou France (written by a lady called Jennifer) and even Lou in Paris!

I decided I needed to change tack entirely. I thought about my location and my address; my door number happens to coincide with the year of my blog. And so Cloud Fifteen was born. I hope you like it!

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  1. Salut! It’ll be lovely to follow your adventure on this blog. Hope all is well and that you’re settling in smoothly. Love from Londres, Johanna

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